Victims Rights in Ontario


Summary of Victims Rights in Ontario

Victims of crime should be treated with courtesy, compassion and respect and have access to information about:

  • Their rights

  • Services that are available to assist them

  • Protective measures to prevent unlawful intimidation/safety planning

  • Their option as victims of sexual assault to be interviewed by follow-up investigators of the same gender (when resources permit)

  • Progress of investigations

  • Charges laid in respect to a crime

  • If no charges are laid, the reason why

  • Victims role in prosecution

  • Interim release and conditions of the accused

  • Prompt return of property once it is no longer required

  • Dates and places of all significant proceedings that relate to the prosecution

  • Any pre-trial arrangements that relate to a plea

  • Sentencing in the event of a conviction

  • Victim impact statements

  • Publication bans

  • Restitution