Victim Assistance Services

Police officers play a crucial role in offering assistance to victims of crime as they are often first and sometimes the only contact that victims have within the criminal justice system. It is important that officers inform victims of their rights and the various resources and remedies that are available to them.

Victims needs vary from case to case and from individual to individual. Some needs arise as a direct consequence of the victimization, while others arise from involvement in the criminal justice system.

Victim Assistance Services have evolved locally to meet the needs of the victims at various stages. Whether these programs are housed in the community, or directly connected with the police, they offer support information and guidance to victims of crime and their family members as they make their way through the system.

The Windsor Police Service Victim Assistance Unit offers support and information that helps the victims to understand the impact of victimization and encourages them to utlilize the resources and remedies that are available to assist them in the recovery process. The Unit also acts as a liaison between the police and the victim by providing access to information regarding the status of their case and helping them to understand their role and their rights within the Criminal Justice process.

For assistance please contact:
Cheryl Eastman
Coordinator, Victim Assistance Unit
519-255-6700 Ext 4879
or email your request to

We hope that you will make use of this resource and seek whatever assistance you may need along the way.