All residential and business alarms users within the City of Windsor must register their systems with the Windsor Police Service both monitored and non-monitored. The registration fee is $24.00 annually.

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Before notifying the Windsor Police Service of an alarm incident, the alarm monitoring company will verify with the alarm user, by phone to establish if the incident is a false alarm.

Excessive False Alarms

Registration includes 3 non-chargeable false alarms during your registration period. A fourth and subsequent false alarm will result in an administrative fee of $100.00 per response

Alarms were originally designed to protect lives and property. Properly installed, used and maintained, alarms are a real asset. When misused, they become a liability. Each year false alarms cost all of us thousands of dollars and thousands of wasted hours. The Windsor Police Service, as well as the security companies must spend a significant amount of time and money reacting to false alarms. You as the system user also experience the inconvenience of false alarms and the assessment of fines.

Administrative Fees

The following will be subject to an administrative fee of $100.00:

  • A registered alarm user who incurs a 4th or subsequent false alarm
  • Each response to an unregistered alarm system
  • The user of an Automatic Dialing Device that transmits messages to any number assigned to the Windsor Police Service

Payment Options:

You can make arrangements to pay any outstanding Alarm invoices by cheque, electronically through your own bank's website (online, telephone banking, ATM or at your bank branch). To set up electronic payment you must first add "WINDSOR POLICE SERVICE", to your list of payees. The account number will be your 4 or 5 digit registration number.

Alternatively, you can attend Windsor Police Service H.Q, Information Service's Counter located at 150 Goyeau Street - where they accept all forms of payment including Cash, Cheques made payable to the "Windsor Police Service, Alarm Division", Debit OR Credit Card payments made by VISA or MasterCard. A paid receipt will be provided to you at the time of payment.

Please DO NOT leave a voice message or email in order to process your credit card payment. We are not currently accepting credit card payments by phone. The voicemail will only be monitored periodically.

It's IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Information Service's Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm - however the office is CLOSED on WEEKENDS in addition to Federal Government HOLIDAYS.

There is also a Drop Safe located at HQ Main Office in order to drop off alarm payments which is available 7 days a week between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm.


Failure to remit administrative fees will result in revocation (downgrading the priority response to your alarm) and suspension (no police response). To be reinstated the alarm user is required to pay $150.00 as well as any administrative fees outstanding. An alarm company that notifies the Windsor Police Service of an alarm incident in which the registration has been suspended will be subject to an administrative fee of $200.00.

Know what to do if you set off your alarm by accident

First. Don't panic! Enter your disarm code (carefully) to set your system

Wait for your Alarm Company or central monitoring station to call, give your password, or ID card number

Do not leave your home or business until you have talked with your monitoring station. If they do not call you, have the number posted by your keypad and contact them to cancel the police dispatch. Do not call 911 to cancel an alarm activation-you must call your monitoring station

You can arrange to have your alarm monitoring station call you, or another designated person first before the police are called whenever your alarm is activated. If you are aware of a problem with the system, you can cancel the police dispatch.

Review with your alarm company the procedures you expect them to follow when an alarm activates. Do you want them to attempt to call more than one person on your contact list before requesting police dispatch? Do you only want the police notified if an exterior and interior zone are both activated? You may want to name a private guard service for your alarm company to call for response to alarm activation instead of the police. Put your instructions in writing. If you have any apprehensions about using your security system call your alarm company TODAY!

The onus is on the alarm owner/operator to ensure alarm systems are operated efficiently, and that equipment performance meets the criteria for which it was installed.

Windsor Police Service is making an effort to be more eco-friendly. Please help us by supplying your email and eliminating the paper waste.

Debbie Hunter
Alarm Coordinator
Tel.: (519) 255-6700, ext. 4457
Fax: (519) 255-7954