On behalf of all the Windsor Police Auxiliary officers, we welcome you to our site. The Windsor Police Auxiliary is a civilian volunteer organization that is operated through the Windsor Police Service.
The Windsor Police Auxiliary is made up of an authorized complement of 85 men and women civilians that come from many different facets in the community. This group of civilian volunteers serves their community and augments the Windsor Police Service by dedicating a combined total of over 12,000 hours of volunteer service annually. Our members provide an invaluable resource that benefits both the community and the Windsor Police Service.
The Windsor Police Auxiliary abides by the Ontario Police Services Act and the Windsor Police Service Directive Number 890-01.
  • An auxiliary member of a police force has the authority of a police officer if he or she is accompanied or supervised by a police officer and is authorized to perform police duties by the chief of police.

  • The chief of police may authorize an auxiliary member of the police force to perform duties only in special circumstances, including in the event of an emergency, which the police officers of the police force are not sufficiently numerous to deal with.
A sworn Auxiliary Officer is still a civilian volunteer that has the same powers of arrest as a citizen, pursuant to the Criminal Code of Canada and other federal and provincial statues. These civilians do not carry a firearm but are trained how to handle one in an unusual or critical situation.