Collision Reporting Centre
Motor Vehicle Collisions ​​​​​​
Every person in charge of a vehicle in the case of a collision must provide, when requested to do so, their name, address, driver's licence number, name of insurance company and policy number, registered owner of the ​​vehicle, and vehicle permit number. Collisions can be reported at the Collision Reporting Centre (CRC) so long as the accident occurred with the City of Windsor or Town ​of Amherstburg limits and both vehicles are from the Province of Ontario.


Collision Reporting Centre Criteria

Collisions may be reported at the CRC so long as the following conditions are met:  


  • None of the involved drivers is suspected of being intoxicated;    
  • Large vehicles (i.e. buses and transport trailer units) so long as they are not carrying hazardous materials;
  • The drivers are residents of Ontario;
  • Drivers do not have to attend together, but must ensure they have exchanged all pertinent information prior to leaving the scene;
  • Do NOT get your vehicle fixed prior to attending the CRC, as officers will need to view and photograph damage​.

Towing and Storage:

You are free to choose any towing company to remove your vehicle from the collision scene. You are responsible for the fees associated with the towing, storage and environmental clean-up and may be required to make immediate payment to your Towing Vendor to have your vehicle released.

Attending the CRC:

You are required to attend the Collision Reporting Centre by the next business day following involvement in a motor vehicle collision for mandatory reporting. You must attend with your vehicle, unless it had been previously towed directly to the Collision Reporting Center (during business hours) or photographs of the damage have already been obtained by the Windsor Police Service (after hours).

Failure to attend the Collision Reporting Centre if directed by the Windsor Police Service may result in enforcement action being taken.

What to bring with you when you go to the Collision Reporting Centre:

  • The vehicle involved in the accident
  • The case number given to you by the Windsor Police Communications Centre
  • Driver's License
  • Valid ownership of involved vehicle
  • Proof of insurance for the involved vehicle, valid at the time of the collision
  • Any information that you may have on the other vehicle(s) and driver(s)

Reporting Online

The Windsor Police Service is now offering Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVAs) to be filed online.  MVAs must meet the following criteria to be filed online:

  • ​You, or another person involved in the MVA, has contacted the Windsor Police Communications Centre at 519-258-6111 to report the MVA and have been issued a case number (i.e. 2020-12345).
  • The date of the MVA can not have been more than 10 business days prior to the online submission.
  • All drivers involved in the MVA must reside in the Province of Ontario.
  • You must have digital copies/photos of the involved driver's Driver's License, Vehicle Ownership card (both sides of the card), and Vehicle Insurance Card to upload to the report.  Up to 4 photos of the damage to the vehicle should be submitted, as well.
  • Prior to reporting your MVA online, please contact the Collision Reporting Centre at (519) 944-6261 to ensure you are eligible.


The following documents can be printed, completed and brought to the CRC:


Contact Information

The Collision Reporting Centre is located at 2696 Jefferson Blvd., Windsor, Ontario.
The Collision Reporting Centre can be reached by telephone at (519) 944-6261.
Current Hours of Operation:
9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all statutory holidays