Collision Reporting Centre

All Motor Vehicle Collison reports Motor Vehicle Accident Reports, Driver and Witness Statements are now processed by the Windsor Police Service – Information Services located in Windsor Police Headquarters at Goyeau and Chatham St.


Requests for Motor Vehicle Collision​ reports can be made through the mail by Insurance Companies, or at the Information Services reception counter in person.  All requests must be accompanied by the appropriate payment.
Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies may request a Motor Vehicle Collision Report (insert link for the form) by mail.  The request must be made in writing, and be accompanied by a company cheque, made payable to the City of Windsor, in the amount of $60.00
In order for an insurance company to be entitled to a report, there must be a connection between their insured and a person named in the report. 
Windsor and Amherstburg residents

Individuals must attend the Information Services reception counter in person, with two pieces of identification.  The cashier/receptionist will complete the request form, accept the appropriate payment (Cash/Credit/Debit), and provide the individual with a receipt.
The individual making the request must be named as an individual within the report in order to receive a confirmation letter/report.  If an individual is making a request on behalf of a company, proof of employment with the company is required. 

In circumstances where an individual cannot physically attend Windsor Police Service headquarters due to distance, requests can be received through the mail.  A written letter of request, providing full details of the collision is required.  A certified cheque or money order, payable to the City of Windsor, in the amount of $60.00 must accompany the letter of request.