OJT (On-the-Job Training)

On-the-Job Trainings, often abbreviated to 'O.J.T.s' and sometimes referred to as "ride-alongs" are exceptional learning experiences for our Auxiliary members. These ride-alongs act as essential teaching tools and it continues to promote the on-going development of our officers. Many times our officers will be faced with the same dangers and safety concerns of Police Officers as they go out on patrol working alongside regular sworn members of the Windsor Police Service.
When our Auxiliary officers are not performing their duties during a Parks Patrol shift or at a Special Event, they are able to arrange to go out on a ride-along. The objective of an OJT for Auxiliary officers is to observe, assist and learn. Auxiliary officers are required to volunteer and perform 30 hours of OJT over the course of October to April.
It is an opportunity for Auxiliary officers to be afforded the chance to ride with front line officers in order to experience the day-to-day challenges and obstacles that face Police Constables within the City of Windsor everyday.