Special Constable - Courts
Special Constable in Courts control the movement of prisoners in lawful custody to and from the Windsor Jail, Superior Court, Ontario Court of Justice Facility and Windsor Police Headquarters.
Position Duties:
  • Be familiar with the Windsor Police Service Business Plan and the stated objectives of the Windsor Police Service;
  • Escort prisoners to and from the Detention Unit, Ontario Court of Justice Court, Superior Court and County Jail;
  • Regulate the movement of prisoners to and from the Detention Unit to the court holding cell;
  • Regulate the movement of prisoners from the court holding cell to the prisoners dock in court;
  • Monitor courtroom proceedings and regulate the movement of prisoners while in the courtroom;
  •  Maintain a legible, chronological account of daily activities in a duty notebook which is checked monthly by Supervisors;
  • Ensure that necessary documents accompany prisoners to and from court;
  • Take accused persons in custody into court as required;
  • Maintain liaison with the cell control officer and Court Services office;
  • Transport prisoners to and from the Windsor Jail and Windsor Police Headquarters;
  • May be required to perform assignments as a Cells Officer.
  • Must possess a Grade 12 graduation diploma or equivalent as recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Education; or completed Post Secondary Education at an Accredited College or University as an Adult student.
  •  Must have up to one year pre-job experience to develop the skills required to work in a team environment;
  • Must possess a valid Class ‘G’ Drivers Licence;
  • Must possess current First Aid/CPR certificate;
  • Must be physically able to perform position duties and pass PREP test.
  • Knowledge of the Criminal Code would be considered an asset;
  • Must possess a Valid OACP Certificate of results, including Valid Hearing & Vision assessments along with completed
    fitness logs and daily journals.
  • Successful psychological testing and Background screening are required.
  • At least 2 years experience in court room or security setting.

  • Must successfully complete Pre-Interview testing.
Physical Requirements:
  •  Working in awkward and confined spaces such as elevators and holding area of transport wagon;
  •  Prolonged periods of sitting while in court where relief may not be available;
  •  Heavy physical exertion less than two hours a day when working with unruly prisoners;
  •  High intensity for 1 to 2 hours per day.